Video podcast series

Unique perspectives from experts and people living with FOP, including those caring for them.

12 July 2022
Women’s health and FOP
Roberto Pignolo (USA) and Mona Al Mukaddam (USA)
10 June 2022
Collaborating with FOP patients and their families
Robert Pignolo (USA)
10 May 2022
Living with FOP: Ian, Kathleen and Hassan talk to Clive Friedman
Clive Friedman (Canada)
22 April 2022
Managing oral and dental health
Robert Pignolo (USA) and Clive Friedman (Canada)

eLearning Webcast by chapters

Publishication date: July 2021
Watch our case-led webcast addressing important topics:

  • New presentation of FOP
  • Flare-up management
  • Common complications of FOP
  • Considerations for vaccination / immunizations

Robert Pignolo is joined by an internationally renowned faculty: Geneviève Baujat, Carmen De Cunto, Christiaan Scott, and Richard Keen.


Case 1: Initial diagnosis

Case 2: Management of flare ups

Case 3: Common complications

Case 4: Vaccination/immunization

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